Schools and Colleges We offer a comprehensive range of services to schools and colleges.
Services for Schools and Colleges

Please contact us for any project you may have in mind for your school and we can build an experience to suit your needs. Below are just a few examples of how we work with schools currently. Prices start from 140 for a half day for a class of 20.

Project Work

Whatever your school project, we can plan a programme for a half day, a day or longer to fit the subject. We provide all the equipment and materials for the class or group and will fire, glaze and return completed work. This service covers the whole age range from early primary to GCSE and A level projects.


Many schools have pottery equipment which is underused because of a lack of expertise. We can assess the state and condition of your equipment and resources and advise/train a number of staff in its correct and safe usage. Other schools may wish to start pottery for the first time. We will advise colleagues on appropriate equipment, resources and lesson plans in order to establish pottery within the curriculum.

Training Courses
We can train your teachers and teaching assistants in pottery techniques and related technical processes over a day or several sessions after school.

Staff Team Building

As part of an INSET day or the whole day, why not use pottery techniques for team building? This is a challenging yet highly enjoyable way of developing your team or teams as well as learning new skills at the same time.

Potter in Residence
We will bring a whole range of pottery equipment including light weight potters wheels into school. Working with small groups we will demonstrate techniques to pupils and staff giving them the opportunity to have a go. This is an ideal addition to an arts week and will provide stimulus for pupils own work.