School Projects

We offer a whole range of different projects for Schools and colleges

Primary School themed projects. Many schools work on a different theme or topic each term. We can devise a project to fit within your theme to make it more interactive and exciting for your pupils. The class will spend a day or longer creating artifacts directly linked to the chosen theme.

For Example:- 

  • Make the Romans come to life with a floor or wall mosaic.
  • Recreate relics from ancient Egyptian tombs.
  • Make a street of Tudor houses.
  • Decorate the walls with Native American masks.

Project examples: - Working with a class of year 6 pupils we used slabs of clay and a variety of wooden stamps to reconstruct a street of Tudor houses. These were then decorated using coloured slips and glazes making a very stimulating display. In the same project we looked at Tudor pots and recreated goblets from an original drawing using simple thumb pot techniques.

With a group of year 5 and 6 pupils we worked on the theme of The New Forest. We studied the plants animals and mini beasts of the forest and used these as stimulus for our work in clay.

We modelled a variety of animals and mini beasts and produced a mosaic for the school wall, using tiles depicting the variety of plants and animals found in the forest.

We recently worked with a city primary school where the whole of year 4 were creating a Roman museum. Over 2 days we worked with all 80 pupils in the year in groups of 12 at a time. Each pupil created between 2-4 Roman artifacts to display in the museum.We also made hundreds of different coloured clay tiles and the pupils each laid several of these to construct a Roman replica floor mosaic. The museum was opened to the parents and public and was a great success.